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Catalog > Percussion > Small Hand Percussion
updated April 1, 2015

    Rhythm Bones

    Black Bart's "bone" bones 6-inch bones, one pair -- $40.00
    Made in the USA. Tied together with leather thong.
    Black Bart's Bones have been in short supply, please contact us for availability
    Whamdiddle -- made from various hardwoods by Rick Fogel in Seattle, WA. Not all woods may be in stock. Let us choose one for you; or if you have a specific request, please indicate that in the "Notes" section of your order.

    Domestic Woods, one pair -- $18.00
    Pine, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Western Cedar
    (pictured from left to right -- maple, cherry, western cedar, poplar)

    Exotic hardwoods, one pair -- $22.00
    Wenge, Zebrawood, Paduak, Jatoba, Teak, Canary, Lacewood, Mahogany
    Rare Exotic hardwoods, one pair -- $26.00
    Purpleheart, Rosewood, Tulipwood, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Boxwood
    (pictured from left to right -- zebrawood, teak, canary, rosewood)
    Decorative laminates, one pair -- $30.00

    Toca Rosewood Claves

    Clave (pronounced "klah-veh") means "key." Two cylinder-shaped pieces of solid wood -- played by striking one with the other. Suprisingly loud and resonant!

    One pair -- $16.25

    Other types of claves occasionally available; please contact us for current selection.


    A folk instrument of uncertain age and origin, already well known during the European Middle Ages. The instrument is widespread throughout the world in various forms. It has been known in Western Europe probably since Gallo-Roman times. The dimension of the vibrating tongue determines the pitch of the fundamental note.
    Article: How to Play the Jaw Harp Whitlow jaw harp

    Whitlow TM professionally-tuned jawharps
    Made by Robbie Clement for Tomorrow River Music of Madison, Wisconsin.

    "It Don't Mean a Thang if it Ain't Got That Twang" TM.

    Handmade and tuned, lifetime guarantee. The Whitlow Jawharp was selected as the world's finest jawharp at the International Jew's Harp Congress in Iowa City, Iowa based on sound quality, playability and appearance. Whitlow Jawharps are the instrument of choice among many of the world's top players including John McCutcheon, Mike Seeger, David Holt and Grandpa Jones.

    Whitlow Jawharps are hand-crafted from the finest materials following the method invented by Fred Whitlow. Each harp is carefully tuned to standard pitch, enabling it to be played with other in-tune instruments. Whitlow Jawharps are available in all 12 keys and come with a no-gimmick lifetime guarantee to the original owner.

    Whitlow Jawharp TM in protective plastic display box -- $30.00
    Availability of Whitlow Jaw Harps has been irregular lately. Please contact us for current availability.

    Ozark Jawharp: Inexpensive factory-made metal jawharps. -- $6.50


    Our stock varies -- please contact us for current selection.


    Trophy Musical Spoons -- two metal spoons with a plastic handle -- $8.50

Sound Effects

    Spring Drums (Thunder Tubes)

    Remo Spring Drums (also known as Thunder Tubes) add a unique and exciting effect to your sound effect arsenal. Shake the drum, and the action of the spring produces a booming thunder effect. Cup your hand over the open end or hole and change the pitch.

    Small Thunder Tube -- $9.50

    Small Angled Spring Drum, lightning graphic (7 x 2.5 inches) -- $16.79

    Medium Angled Spring Drum, lightning graphic (10 x 4 inches) -- $28.05


    2 wooden slats on a handle, upper slat sprung and hinged. Used in slapstick comedy to simulate the sound of someone being hit. 18 inches long.


    Very popular sound effect - used in movie soundtracks and for special effects, like the sound of bones rattling. The sound is supposed to be like an old instrument called the "jawbone."
      Standard -- $51.85

      Deluxe -- $57.80


    Hollow metal tube with hole a quarter of the way up. When hole is covered with thumb, a fundamental tone is produced. As the thumb is pulled away from the hole, the timbre changes. Produces a liquid "wah-wah" sound. Available in silver, black, and indigo blue.
      Standard -- $43.20
      Large -- $50.40


      Made in Chile. Hollow cactus stick filled with small pebbles that sound like rain when tipped. A soothing, meditative sound.
        Small Cactus Rainstick (20 inches long) -- $44.80
        Large Cactus Rainstick (39 inches long) -- $71.20

        Other rainsticks are occasionally available, please contact us.


        Dried, hollowed gourds covered with a string web, laced with seeds, beads or shells. The stem portion of the gourd forms a hand grip. Found all over West Africa. Ours are made in Ghana, with multicolored plastic beads.

        Please contact us for current pricing and availability.


        frog at play Hard to resist! These chunky, hand-carved wooden frogs have a cool look and a BIG sound. Simply run the wooden dowel along the ridged back and you'd swear you were in the woods on a summer night. Kids love these! Made in Thailand.
        We also have Crickets! (see below)
          Peeper: Tiny! 2 inches long, 2 inches high -- $7.50

          Small: 3 inches long, 2 inches high -- $9.50
          Medium: 4 inches long, 2.5 inches high -- $14.50
          Large: 5 inches long, 3 inches high -- $18.00
          Extra Large: 7-8 inches long, 3.5 inches high -- $23.00
          With a loud, deep call!
          cricket... reep reep


          Hand-carved in Thailand, these crickets make a strikingly realistic sound when you run the wooden dowel along their ridged wings. You just have to try these. Great for kids -- even the grown-up kind!

            Medium: 6 inches long, 2.5 inches high -- $12.00

            Large: 8 inches long, 2.5 inches high -- $15.00

            Miscellaneous rattles

            Egg Shakers
            Egg-shaped hand rattles painted in various colors. Plastic exterior. "Traditional" eggs in matte pastel colors or black. Also available in translucent colors or "Nuggets" in deep iridescent jewel tones. Usually played in pairs.
              $2.99 each egg Quantity:

            "Beadbrain" Plastic Skull Shakers
            Assorted colors available, please let us choose a color for you.

              $4.00 each Quantity:

            Fruit Shakers
            Realistically-sized, shaped and colored to look like real fruits.

            $11.00 large fruit Quantity:
            A fascinating shaker-type instrument from Ghana, made with two round seed pods strung together. The player can create complex rhythmic patterns by holding one seed pod in one hand and flipping the other pod across the back of the hand -- you have to see it!

            These instruments are also called Asalato, and have been recently popularized by the Japanese group Hifana. Check out this video and see what's possible on this simple instrument! (video)

            Basket rattle with handle, from West Africa or Brazil. Colors and patterns vary, please let us choose one for you.

              Small -- $10.00

              Large -- $16.00

              Miscellaneous African instruments

              Assorted fork rattles, dancers rattles and anklebells, seed pod rattles, spider eggcase rattles, cowbells, stick drums, agogo bells, shakers and many more. Got an unusual request? Let us know what you need.

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