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Catalog > Rental Instruments updated August 12, 2013

In addition to selling and repairing musical instruments, we also rent instruments to local customers.

We rent the following instruments:

We sometimes have a waiting list for rental instruments, so contact us before coming in to check availability.

We occasionally do short-term rentals on other types of instruments. Contact us with your needs.

Rental Terms
(NOTE: these terms do not apply to Music and Arts Centers school band instrument rentals)

  • Fee: $60.00 plus Maryland state sales tax
  • Rental period: 2 months. Shorter rentals may be possible at a lower rate; please contact us for details. The 2-month rental period is designed for new players to try out an instrument and decide whether they want to purchase that type of instrument. If you wish, you may re-rent for another two months if we don't have anyone on a waiting list. However, $60.00 is the maximum rental credit that can be applied toward purchase. (this is not a rent-to-own program)
  • Rental fee may be applied towards purchase of the same type of instrument (i.e. if you rent a guitar, you can only use your credit towards purchasing a guitar). Generally, rental instruments are not available for sale; you would purchase any other instrument we have in stock.
  • Credit card required for security against the instrument. We do not charge your credit card, but we make a manual imprint of it for the value of the instrument. This imprint is destroyed when you return the instrument in good condition. If you do not have a credit card, we can accept a cash deposit.
  • State-issued ID required at time of rental

For further information on the HMT Rental Program, please contact us via email or call 301-270-9090.

Rental Credit Details

  • Credit valid within 2 months of rental return, towards the same type of instrument.
  • Rental instruments are not for sale.

Damage, Repairs and Late Fees

If your rental instrument is not functioning properly due to a defect with the instrument, bring it back and we will repair the instrument or give you a different one. Customer will be held liable for damage due to accident, misuse or neglect. "Normal wear & tear," such as light scratches on the finish, is not considered damage.

Late fees accumulate at a rate of $2 per day if the instrument is not returned by the due date on your contract. If you discover you will have a problem returning the instrument by the due date, please contact us to work something out.

School Band and Orchestra Instruments

For over 25 years, we have partnered with Music & Arts Center to bring you high-quality band & orchestra instrument rentals at affordable and competitive rates. Please contact or visit us to find out about our current specials, or follow the link below to complete your rental paperwork online. You may pick up your instrument at our shop, or have it shipped to your home at additional cost. Please note, if doing an online rental, you must wait to receive confirmation from HMT that your instrument is ready to be picked up. This is often same-day, but can take 24-48 hours.

Save time and avoid the lines during the peak of school rental season! You can now rent online through Music & Arts Center's website and pick up your instrument at our store. (or shipped to your home at additional cost)

To rent online, follow the link below, enter your zip code on the first screen and click "Continue" on the next screen to get started. Please note, you must wait to receive confirmation from HMT that your instrument is ready to be picked up. This may take up to 24-48 hrs.

Click here to rent online!

If you have any problems completing your online rental, we'll be happy to assist you in the store. Our rental department hours are 11:00 am - 6:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 11:00 am - 4:30 pm Sunday & Monday.

The following instruments are available through our Music & Arts Center rental program:
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Cornet
  • Snare Drum Kit
  • Bell Kit
  • Percussion Learning Kit (Snare & Bells)
  • Violin (1/16 through 4/4 sizes)
  • Viola (12-inch through 16-inch sizes)
  • Cello (1/4 through 4/4 sizes)
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Oboe
  • French Horn
  • Baritone Horn
  • Piccolo
  • Bass Clarinet

We only rent instruments of respected brands that have been approved by music educators' associations. Most rental instruments have been rented a total of one time, and go through a vigorous inspection process (including new mouthpiece for wind/brass instruments) before they are rented again. Brand-new instruments may also be available for rental, depending on stock.

Please contact us for current rates & specials, or begin an online rental for more information. School-year specials are offered, as well as shorter-term trial periods with low monthly rates. Our rates are competitive with any you will find in the area.

Credit requirements
We recommend signing up for EZ-Pay automatic payments on your credit card (debit visa/mastercard accepted). With EZ-Pay, there is no deposit, credit check, or statement fee, unless you are renting more than one instrument at a time (credit check is required to rent two or more instruments). If you do not have a credit card in your name, a security deposit of $110-$220 is required, depending on the instrument. The person renting the instrument must present to sign the contract, with a drivers license (or other state-issued ID), and credit card in their name.

All rental payments you make will go towards the purchase price of your instrument. Early purchase discounts are offered if you pay off your instrument before the end of your contract (usually 2-3 years). However, you are never under any obligation to purchase, and have the option to return your instrument at any time, without penalty. If your child is continuing their instrument the following school year, we recommend keeping it over the summer so that you don't lose any accumulated rental credit. (and to keep your child practicing!) If you are interested in purchasing a higher-level instrument, "step up" options are available within the first year of your rental.

Stringed instruments come in different sizes, and you may trade up for larger sizes as your child grows. All your rental credit will transfer to the larger instrument. If you or your child wish to switch to a different type of instrument, you may do so as long as the instrument you're exchanging to is of greater value.

Liability Damage Waiver & Repairs
A Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) is available to add for an additional monthly fee on all rental instruments. We highly recommend adding the LDW, especially if the rental is for a child who will be taking it back and forth to school. LDW will cover nearly all repair costs & routine maintenance issues, as well as theft (if a police report is filed). In most cases, it will also entitle you to get a loaner instrument while yours is in the repair shop. If you do not choose to add LDW, you will be responsible to pay for repairs or damage to the instrument.