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Catalog > Stringed Instruments > Exotic updated May 7, 2013
Our stock of exotic stringed instruments always changes, based on availability from our importers, and on our used stock (be sure to check our used instruments page). Please contact us for our most current stock. The instruments listed below can be special-ordered on a new basis, depending on availability.


    This rosewood instrument is inlaid front and back. 43 inches long, it has movable frets, is held upright in your lap and played with a bow like a small bass fiddle. Case included. The dilruba is a bowed instrument with steel strings. In India, it is used in classical music. There are 3 cities in which they are manufactured in three northern Indian States, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and West Bengal. The locally available Toon wood is used in the manufacture of the dilruba.

    List price: $499.00 Contact us for availability and our discounted price.


    2-stringed Chinese fiddle with bow, wood construction with snakeskin head, bamboo bridge. New prices range from $198.00 to $299.00 Contact us for availability.


    The esraj is held upright in your lap and played with a bow like a small bass fiddle. Includes case.

    List price: $499.00 Contact us for availability and our discounted price.


    25 inches long. 3 main strings overlay sympathetic strings that resonate over a natural skin soundboard. Includes bow, case and tuning tool.

    List price: $549.00 Contact us for availability and our discounted price. (Other models may also be available.)


    23 metal strings run along the steel face plate on this rosewood instrument: 8 main strings, 2 drone and 13 sympathetic strings. Floral inlays and a brass toomba add to the visual interest. The bridge rests on a natural goat skin sound board giving it a lyrical sound with sustained notes. The steel fret board permits the characteristic slides (or meend) associated with Indian raga. Includes case.

    List price: $699.00 Contact us for availability and our discounted price.


    Our supplier carries a wide range of these Turkish instruments. Contact us for current availability.


Article: Sitars and Other Imported Instruments Our sitar stock varies, but we usually have a selection of both student and professional level sitars (usually Radha Krishna Sharma and G. Rosul). All are checked by our technician to make sure they are in good playing condition. Student sitars generally range from $350-$450 and include a soft padded case. Professional level sitars range from about $600-$800 and include a hard case. Please contact us to see what we currently have in stock.

Sitar stock changes constantly. Prices subject to change without notice.

Tanpura, sometimes called Tambura or Tamboura

Fretless drone instrument from India, similar to sitar in size and shape. Our supplier carries a wide range of tanpuras: full size, flat-back, male & female, 4 or 6 string.
Contact us for current availability.


South Indian classical instrument. Most common is the Saraswati Veena. (click on photo for larger image)

The Saraswati Veena takes its name from the four-armed goddess of knowledge and learning. Saraswati means "one who gives the essence (sara) of our own Self (swa)." The essence of man, what separates us from the other creatures, is our ability to reason and speak. These were gifts from the goddess Saraswati, who revealed language and writing to man. Saraswati is represented as sitting on a lotus holding the sacred scripture in one hand and a lotus in the other. With her third and fourth hands she plays the veena.

Saraswati Veena: 52 inches long. Highly decorative with a carved and painted dragon head on the peg box and seven main strings. Decorations may vary. Includes wooden case. Special delivery required.
List price: $1,259.00 Contact us for availability. (Other models may be available.)

Very high quality Sitars, Veenas, Sur Bahars, and other Indian instruments, including some vintage/antique pieces, are available by special order. Makers include Rada Krishna Sharma, Miraj, Hemen Roy, others.

Many odd and varied stringed instruments come into our store on a regular basis. If what you're looking for is exotic or unusual, we may have it. Please inquire.