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Catalog > Used Instruments

updated November 3, 2015

We are proud to offer a large selection of high-quality used instruments. We take great care inspecting used instruments before they get put out for sale. In almost every case, a used instrument will have been examined by one of our luthiers/repair people to check for any issues with playability. If repairs were done, we will state that in the description. Wherever possible we also try to include photos of the instrument, especially detailing any repair work.

Occasionally, we will come across an unusual and/or vintage piece that may have some playability or cosmetic issues that aren't financially feasible to address, but the item still has some collector's value and/or can be played despite the issues. In these cases, we will disclose any potential issues in the item's description, and the item will be offered "as is." However, our general policy is to only offer instruments for sale (new or used) that meet with our high playability standards. The few exceptions to this will be notated specifically.

Return Policy: We now offer a 7-day return option on nearly all instruments (including consignments). We realize that buying used instruments sight unseen is a tricky endeavor -- so especially if you are a mail order customer, you can rest assured that if you don't fall in love with an instrument, you may return it for a refund (less shipping costs). Read more about our return policy here. We do our best to describe used instruments in detail so you can make an informed purchase. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any items listed on this page. Certain "as is" items may not be returnable; this will be stated in the description.

Availability: We try to keep this page updated as frequently as possible, but there can occasionally be a lag in removing a sold instrument from this page (sometimes, instruments on this page are also listed in our eBay store). We do encourage you to contact us in advance to check availability about items on this page. If you are a mail order customer, we can also provide a shipping quote when you contact us.

Have a used instrument you need to sell? Click here!

Amplifiers & Electronics

Fender Princeton Chorus -- $259.00
Freshly refurbished solid-state 2 channel amplifier w. chorus!
Ibanez SW35-- $119.00
Photos: photo 1
Bass amplifier.
Crate CA120D -- $350.00
Photos: photo 1
Two channel acoustic guitar amplifier with digital effects.
SWR California Blonde II -- $600.00
Photos: photo 1
Great performance amplifier.


Band Instruments

Yamaha Tenor Sax -- $1,100.00
With case.
Martin Indiana Tenor Saxophone -- $800.00
Mid 1950s, Gold lacquered body and keys, case included.
Evette and Schaffer Wood Clarinet -- $969.00
With case.
Schreiber Clarinet -- $350.00
Photos: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
Recent complete overhaul. Includes case.

Banjos 4-string | 5-string | 6-string / other | Banjo-ukuleles | Banjo-mandolins

4-string banjos

1920's Orpheum Tenor Banjo - $900.00
Gig bag included.
Tenor Banjo by Slingerland 17 fret, ca 1930 - $375.00
Nearly new condition, has been previously refinished in red mahogany. Beautiful nickel-plated ardware, Waverly non-adjustable tailpiece, nice friction tuners. Solid construction typical of Slingerland banjos, maple rim and one-piece neck, dot position markers. New "Fiberskyn" synthetic head produces clear, mellow tone. Excellent compact starter tenor. Strung for Irish tuning (G D A E). Professionally set up and guaranteed 90 days by luthier-owner.
Capitol Ludwig Tenor Banjo - $699.99
Photos: photo 1
Description coming soon!
Unlabeled William L Lange Tenor Banjo - $975.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8
Hard shell case included. Beautiful walnut neck, body and resonator with after-market plating. Grooved tension hoop. Geat sounding and loud! Determined to be a Lange by our senior luthier based on structure and design.
UAE Tenor Banjo - $219.00
Photos: photo 1
Description coming soon!
Bruno Tenor Banjo - $295.00
Photos: photo 1
17-fret open back banjo. ca 1925-30. C. Bruno Co. was a NY distributor. The banjo may have been made by Lange (judging by the "Supertone" style headstock. Very basic but sturdy construction throughout - a good starter instrument. Neck is well-worn at the bass side. No major repairs; just thoroughly cleaned and polished and set up with new "fiberskyn" mylar head, producing crisp, clear tone. New heel cap. Good friction pegs of the period. Finish and plating in fair to good condition. Strung in standard tuning (C-G-D-A). Irish tuning might require geared pegs. Guaranteed 90 days for structural integrity and playability by luthier owner.
Vega Style "N" Tenor Banjo - $799.00
Photos: photo 1
Resonator, 19-fret. Hard case included.
Bacon & Day Silverbell Tenor Banjo - $1,000.00

Photos: photo 1
Resonator, 19-fret. Gig bag included
S.S. Stewart "Champion" Tenor - $600.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3
17 frets, skin head, openback, friction tuners. No case.
Gold Tone "Cripple Creek" Irish Tenor Banjo - $399.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
Hard shell case included.

5-string banjos

Bradley RB-600 -- $199.00
Resonator banjo w. tone ring.
Fender FB-58 -- $649.00
Resonator back banjo. Hard shell case included.
Frank Proffitt Fretless Mountain Banjo (1973) - See it on our eBay Page.
An exciting find for the old-time banjo player/collector! This is an authentic Frank Proffit Jr.* fretless banjo, made in 1973 in North Carolina. Other makers have copied Frank’s designs, but this is an original, signed and documented. We purchased it from the original owner, who also provided several letters of correspondence between himself and Proffit. We will include these with the banjo. Gig bag included.
Supertone "Ragtime King" no. 405 Five-String Banjo -- $545.00
Photos: photo 1
Ca. 1910-20, probably by William Lange. Sold by Sears, Supertone banjos reportedly were manufatured by Lange early in his banjo-making career, after buying the Buckbee factory. Cherry neck in wonderful condition with full-thickness dyed pearwood fretboard, fitted with high quality period metal friction tuners with bushings, new friction fifth-string peg and bone 5th string nut. "Spun-over" wood/metal rim, 24 original hex shoes, round hooks and nuts, sturdy tension hoop and Elite tailpiece in very good condition. New "Fiberskyn" coated mylar head. Numbered label. Professionally reconditioned, set up and guaranteed 90 days for structural soundness and playability by luthier / owner. A solid, good-sounding and pretty little frailer.
Frankenbanjo -- $1,099.00
Photos: photo 1
Partially Gibson resonator with a hard shell case.
Edward C. Dobson 5-string open back banjo -- $1,299.00
Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Cicra 1880-1890. Edward Dobson inscribed rim w original player's name.
Early John H. Buckbee Five String Banjo ca., 1880 - 1900 -- $575.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
Authentic turn-of-the-century banjo, set up as originally made, with calfskin head and original type ebony friction pegs. Well-preserved historic example; initials J.H.B. stamped in neck near rim. Nicely carved one-piece V-shape cherry (?) neck, no added fretboard layer, with good frets, in perfect playing condition. Well-preserved "spun-over" wood/metal rim with good plating. Original L-shoes, all matching period hooks and nuts. Reproduction no-knot tailpiece. May be strung with metal or nylon strings. Professionally reconditioned, set up and guaranteed 90 days for structural integrity and playability by luthier/owner.

6-string / other banjos

"Columbia" 465 Banjo-Guitar, by Slingerland ca. 1930-- $675.00
Photos: Photo 1
Six-string guitar neck on a big 12-inch banjo pot. Cool old look and great sound - especially effective in open tunings - DADGAD, etc. High-quality, sturdy construction typical of Slingerland, excellent condition--neck straight, full width, and frets perfect. All maple, with bound pearwood fingerboard. Top-quality hardware. New mylar head, bridge, tuning machines, heavy Gold Tone tailpiece, NOS hooks and nuts ($125 in new parts!) Thoroughly reconditioned, set-up and guaranteed 60-days for structural integrity and playability by luthier-owner. Sold cosmetically "as-is". Light or extra-light strings recommended.


May Bell Banjo Ukulele - $379.00
Photos: photo 1
Description coming soon.
Rex Professional Banjo-Ukulele by Gretsch, ca. 1930 - $325.00
Photos: photo 1
Beautifully preserved wood frame banjo-uke, with inset head and enclosed back with f-holes. Possibly Koa wood, or walnut, with striking black / white binding and f-holes in back. "Rex" decal on headstock. Soprano scale. A common design of the era, used by numerous companies, but few are this attractive. Nice original varnish finish. Three original plastic tuning pegs with one matching ebony replacement. Possibly the original skin head. A sweet, clear-voiced instrument in fine condition. 60-day guarantee from luthier-owner for structural integrity and playability. Sold cosmetically as-is.
Vintage Banjo-ukulele - $200.00
Description coming soon!
May Bell Banjo-Ukulele by Slingerland, Chicago, ca 1925 - $525.00
Great little concert scale banjo uke with enclosed back, stampled SLINGERLAND and MAY BELL on strut inside rim. Model 23, featuring 3-piece neck with veneered, capped heel; high quality 6-7/8" maple rim with bird's eye veneer, 12 flat hooks and L-shoes. Full thickness 15-fret fretboard with pearl diamond position markers and star on headstock. High quality skin head, probably original, with new old-fashioned bridge. Excellent condition - no major repairs or issues; very little wear; all-original high quality hardware, plating like new. Professionally reconditioned, set-up with Aquila bio-nylon strings. Note : Concert scale neck on small pot places bridge close to the tailpiece. Guaranteed 90 days by luthier-owner for structural integrity and playability. Original sturdy chipboard case, repaired, fits 8" rim. Big sound from a little uke around 90 years old!
U-King Banjo-Ukulele - circa 1940-50? - $249.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3
Well-made metal-rim banjo-uke, with 7-inch rim, resonator, and natural skin head. Original copper paint finish in great shape with minor touch-ups on pot. Back of neck has been repainted. Tailpiece stamped U-KING. Neck plays perfectly. A neat looking and good sounding instrument. Versions of this design were also sold under the Maxitone label and various other names. Reconditioned, set up and guaranteed for structural soundness and playability 90 days by luthier-owner. no case

We also now carry a number of NEW banjo-ukuleles by makers such as Flea, Goldtone and Luna!


Banjo-mandolin - unlabeled -- $375.00
Photos: photo 1
ca 1930-40, Unidentified vintage banjo-mandolin in very good condition. Basic, sturdy, compact design. 10-inch maple rim, 14 L-shoes, flat hooks, strong grooved tension hoop, good tuners. Thoroughly reconditioned and upgraded with "fiberskyn" mylar head, re-fitted neck, compensated bridge. Set-up with light guage bronze-wound strings and guaranteed 60 days by luthier-owner. Sold cosmetically "as-is". A solid, no frills starter instrument with a loud, crisp tone.


Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass-- $500.00
Photos: photo 1
With hard shell case included.

Drums & Percussion

Senegalese Djun-Djuns - set of 3 -- $599.00
3 drums, one small, one medium and one large. With cases included.
Atsimevu -- $200.00
Photos: photo 1
Ghana, barrel-shaped drum. 40" tall. 9" head.
Sogo drum -- $150.00
Photos: photo 1 |photo 2
Natural skin head, barrel frame. 10" head. From Ghana.
Chinese Imperial Drum -- $2000.00
Photos: photo 1
With stand and mallet.

Guitars Classical / Nylon String | Steel String | Other (for banjitars and six-string banjos, click here!)

Classical / Nylon String Guitars

Paulino Bernabe -- $6,800.00
Photos: photo 1
Classical Guitar "Especial" 2001. #15!

Steel String Guitars

Goodall Baritone (ROJB) Guitar -- $4,899.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8 | photo 9 | photo 10 | photo 11 | photo 12 | photo 13 | photo 14
Port Orford Cypress Top, Red Eucalyptus back & sides, LR Baggs iBeam pickup installed. Just set-up in our shop. Jumbo body (17" lower bout), 28" scale, 1 3/4" nut. Made in Goodall's Hawaii shop (pre-2009). Near-mint condition. A small scratch on top of headstock; no other major cosmetic imperfections. If ordered new, this guitar would price out at over $7,500. Original deluxe hard case included.
Gibson J-30 -- $1199.00
Hard shell case included. 1995.
Gretsch G-3800 -- $245.00
If new $499. Hard shell case included.
Recording King RD-327 -- $800.00
No case included.
Regal Arch-top Acoustic Guitar -- $949.00
Circa 1930s.
Gallagher G-50 -- $2,250.00
Dreadnought. Hardshell case included. .
Gretsch G4500 Sundown Serenade -- $140.00
Hard shell case included. Discontinued, limited-edition cowboy-styled illustration.
Luna Art Deco -- $475.00
Photos: photo 1
Barely used. All-solid spruce and mahogany.
Gibson Robert Johnson L-1 Guitar-- $1,995.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5
Built in 2011, no longer in production. Case included.

Other Guitars

Gold Tone All-Solid Wood Weissenborn -- $599.00
All-solid mahogany, mint-condition. If new $749.

Hammered Dulcimers

David's Dulcimers 16/15-- $500.00
Photos: photo 1
Stand included.
Dusty Strings D-10 -- $650.00
Photos: photo 1
Case included.
Rizetta Augusta Chromatic -- $650.00
Photos: photo 1
Folkcraft Legend 15/16 -- $1,250.00
Photos: photo 1
With case.
Dusty Strings D600N - $2,499.00
Photos: photo 1
With case, legs, tri-stander and music stand.
Folkcraft Legend 16/15 -- $949.00
Photos: photo 1
Mahogany and walnut - like new w. stand and case.


Lewis Creek 36-string harp -- $2,499.00
Case included.
Ardival Rose 26-string wire strung harp -- $2,175.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
Description coming soon!
Gustavo Arias APYH-28 Peruvian Harp -- $1,100.00
Photos: photo 1
26 strings, full sharping levers. Comes with case and leather strap.
Harp is not free-standing (must rest on its back when not being played).
New cost $1,600 + shipping.
1920's Clark Irish 31 Strings -- $3,400.00
Photos: photo 1
In excellent condition, one of the best we've ever seen. Full blade levers. Original stand with attaching hardware including, also in excellent condition. Now on eBay.
Clarsach harp -- $400.00
Photos: photo 1
Wire-strung, 24 strings, unknown maker. Tuning wrench & extra strings included.

Lap Dulcimers

Keith Young "Youngster" Lap Dulcimer -- $99.99
Description coming soon.
Kentucky Lap Dulcimer -- $109.00
Description coming soon.
TK O'Brien -- $279.00
Walnut Creek. Soft case included.
Mark Blair Chestnut -- $129.00
Hourglass shape.
Steve Carmody 8-string Lap Dulcimer -- $499.00
Photos: photo 1
8-string lap dulcimer. Nut provided for 10-string conversion. Rich bass.
Jim Ruzieka Lap Dulcimer-- $149.00
Photos: photo 1
Made in St. Albans, WV, 1997. Labeled #56. 5 strings, wooden friction pegs, heart soundholes. Chipboard case included.
June Apple German Scheitholt -- $245.00
Photos: photo 1
Actually this guy's brand new, we just don't have a good separate dulcimer page! This is an "Americanized" version of the Pennsylvania German zither typically found in Pennsylvania Dutch counties and known as the predecessor to the Appalachian mountain dulcimer. It has 5 strings: double melody strings that run over a thin black walnut fretboard (includes 6 1/2 fret), and the other 3 are drone strings. Black walnut body & western red cedar top, zither tuning pins.

Mandolins & related (octave mandolins, mandolas, bouzoukis, etc.) Click here for "Banjo-mandolins".

Weymann Mandolute -- $499.00
Description coming soon.
Gibson A2 -- $1,899.00
1919. Hard shell case included.
Gibson A-style -- $1,575.00
S/N 34726 - Made in 1917. Hard shell case included.
Weber Adler Mandola -- $1199.00
With strap and gig bag.
Trinity College Bouzouki -- $650.00
If new $799. Gig bag included.
Antonio Grousso Bowl Back Mandolin-- $400.00
With chipboard case.
1908 Gibson A4 -- $1,900.00
Photos: photo 1
Black top, original floral tuners, installed pickup. Ameritage hard case included.
1919 Vega 201 -- $775.00
Photos: photo 1
Description coming soon!
Mandolin, unlabeled flat-back ca. 1930-40.-- $425.00
Photos: photo 1
Very good condition. Well-constructed, all-mahogany mandolin, possibly by Regal or Lyon & Healy era S.S. Stewart. Solid woods throughout, with inlaid pickguard. White neck binding is not original (would have been same as body binding.) A few top cracks (lower bass side) have been fully repaired and expertly retouched. Very healthy and easy to play. Reconditioned, set up and guaranteed 60 days by luthier-owner; sold cosmetically "as is".
Bowl-back Mandolin by Vega -- $725.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5
Boston, Mass. 1913 - serial number 30128. Gorgeous American-made instrument for the classical player. Back is rosewood ribs, spruce soundboard and mahogany neck with pearl dot inlays in ebony fretboard. Perfect shell inlay in tortoise pickguard, abolone rosette and engraved tailpiece. 13" scale, 1-1/8" nut width. Completely original, in a nearly flawless state of preservation at nearly 100 years old! Shows little evidence of use. Excellent action, set up with Martin light guage strings. Another exceptional example by this famed company, just a step in ornamentation also being offered at this time.60-day guarantee from luthier-owner for structural integrity and playability.
Bowl-back Mandolin, no label -- $340.00
Photos: photo 1
American, maker unknown, ca 1925 - Attractice middle grade mandolin, solidly built and crack-free after about 90 years. Has been extensively reconditioned and upgraded with new rosewood fretboard, bone nut, ebony bridge, inlaid ebony pickguard (original was missing). Compensated bridge saddle for improved intonation. Nice, full tone. Completely refinished in lacquer (original varnish was beyond saving). Pretty rips of alternating woods - perfect for Renaissance re-enactment. Profesionally setup. 90-day guarantee from luthier-owner for structural integrity and playability. Sold cosmetically as-is.
"Supertone" labeled bowl-back Mandolin -- $1,250.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
By Washburn, ca. 1910. This beautiful instrument carries a Supertone label, a Sears brand. Sears contracted with various manufacturers to supply instruments. The design elements clearly reveal that it is made by Washburn, one of the pre-eminent American firms of the period. Exceptional back of 44 extraordinarily narrow rosewood ribs; mahogany neck, fine spruce top and skirt all fully bound in white; extravagantly pearl-inlaid tortoise pickguard, fingerboard, top purfling and rosette; engraved tailpiece and tuner cover plate - all in superb condition - make for a stunning appearance as well as wonderful tone. 12 - 7/8" scale, 1 3/32" nut width. One fine crack in bowl and small section of body binding and shell purfling repaired - good luck finding them! All original, perfect action, beautifully preserved in near-mind condition at around 100 years old! Guaranteed 60 days from luthier-owner. Includes rare orginal hard case, refurbished.
CF Martin Bowlback Mandolin -- $699.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
circa 1908.

Ukuleles (for "Banjo-ukuleles" check out the click HERE!)

Harmony Baritone Ukulele -- $269.00
All-solid mahogany body with rosewood fretboard and bridge. All solid woods - no laminates! Harmony decal on headstock. Excellent condition! No issues. Original friction tuning pegs. Currently strung for low bottom string. Plays great! Set up and guaranteed 60 days by luthier-owner. Cosmetically as-is. A very good American-made baritone uke. Comes with lightweight gig bag.
Vintage Ukulele -- $175.00
Description coming soon!
Martin Mahogany Ukulele -- $795.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
Style "0" soprano ca. 1932 - 34.
Harmony Soprano Ukulele w/Tropical Stencil Art -- $150.00
Photos: photo 1
Fine, collectable example of this charming, post-war commercial design. Stencil art with canoe & palm trees stencil art evokes the pleasures of summer relaxation. No decal or label. Solid woods (probably beech) with plastic fingerboard w/integrated frets and nut/string guide. New gig bag included.
Harmony Baritone Ukulele -- $270.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
w. original chipboard case.
Wendell Hall "Redhead" Soprano Ukulele -- $275.00
Photos: photo 1
W. original canvas bag.


We have a wide selection of consigned violins ranging in price from $500.00 to $1500.00. Our violin repair person Tad Marks is an expert in refurbishing used violins. Come in and try them out! Violins page


Chinese Instruments

Er-hu -- $250.00
Photos: photo 1
with case & bow
Er-hu -- $125.00
Photos: photo 1
with case & bow
Moon lute -- $250.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
Includes hard shell case.

4-string Amoy Pipa with case (photo) -- $300.00
Sold As-Is -- No Returns

18-string (metal string) Zheng with case -- $1000.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3
Sold As-Is -- No Returns

21-string Zheng with case -- $2000.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2
Sold As-Is -- No Returns

Call or e-mail us for more information on these consignment sales!

Miscellaneous Instruments

Tenor / lead Steel Drum -- $1,500.00
New tenor / lead steel drum w. case, stand and sticks. Built in Trinidad by Gill's Panshop. Tuned by Emily Lemmerman.
Baglama Saz -- $269.00
Photos: photo 1
Made in Turkey.
Japanese Taishokoto -- $300.00
Photos: photo 1
With case, book, extra strings
Estrella - Aywestra Dresco Charango -- $450.00
Photos: photo 1
If new, $700 - this one's in mint condition with a humidifier and spare strings and hard shell case included.
Senegal Kora -- $379.00 >
Regularly $499.
Senegalese Kora-- $899.00
Large body.
Roosebeck Rebec -- $379.00
Hard case included.
Kemence - 3 string bowed fiddle -- $70.00
Photos: photo 1
Includes case, bow and rosin.

Indian Instruments

Rada Krishna Sharma Tambura -- $375.00
Hard shell case included.
Hemen and Co. Double Gourd Sitar w. 2nd Bridge -- $1,950.00
Photos: photo 1
Description coming soon!
Saraswati Veena -- $2,000.00
Photos: photo 1
Description coming soon!
Male Tampura -- $599.00
Photos: photo 1
Hard shell case.
Hiren Roy & Sons Sitar -- $2,600.00
Photos: photo 1
Single owner, beautiful pro-level sitar. circa 1983 with hard shell case and second gourd.
Tanpura -- $400.00
Photos: photo 1
 See it in our eBay store http://stores.shop.ebay.com/House-of-Musical-Traditions
Sarod -- $1100.00
Photos: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4
Made in India, by Oriental Musikcraft of Germany. Professional quality, nice hardshell case included. If new, $1775.
Call or e-mail us for more information on these consignment sales!

Still looking? Try our eBay auctions.