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Catalog > Wind Instruments > Exotic updated February 15, 2013


    Aboriginal wind instruments of Australia, which have recently enjoyed a surge of popularity. Traditionally made from a hollowed-out eucalyptus log, but modern ones are from other woods, and even PVC plastic. Players use circular breathing for a continuous drone.

    Article: Didj Basic Tutorial

    PVC plastic didgeridoo by local artist and musician Karl Kalbaugh -- $70.00
    Hand-made and hand-painted. Designs vary -- each one is unique. (see photo for examples) Contact us for our current selection, or let us choose a design for you. This is an oversized item -- contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

    Falls Church News-Press Article: Profile of Karl Kalbaugh

    We also occasionally have Karl's handpainted wooden didgeridoos, made from domestic woods. Contact us for our current selection.

    Wooden Didgeridoos -- Selection varies. Unpainted eucalyptus wood from $150, authentic aboriginal handpainted eucalyptus wood $200-$350. Contact us for current selection.

Andean Quena

    Bolivian notched endblown flute, somewhat similar to Japanese Shakuhachi. Typically made with a thumbhole and 6 fingerholes.
    Economy cane with multicolored string wrap -- $30.00

    Student model high quality cane flute -- $45.00

    Professional model high quality cane flute -- $70.00

Indian Shenai

    Wooden body, metal bell. Various sizes, models and prices. Please contact us for stock availability and prices.

Shenai/Mizmar reeds

    4-pack, reeds only -- $6.95
    2-pack, reed + staple -- $5.00


    After years of research, ZEN-ON has succeeded in manufacturing this fine quality shakuhachi, made of selected maple wood instead of conventional bamboo. The use of wood makes it possible to get the most acoustically ideal bore without being subject to the shape of natural material, bamboo. Supreme technical skill for wooden instruments such as recorders brings this fine KOCHIKU shakuhachi with a rich tone and superb balance in all registers.

    All models have simulated bamboo styling, and come with mouthpiece cap and cloth bag. These KOCHIKU shakuhachi carry the guarantee of well-known shakuhachi players Katsuya Yokoyama and Hozan Yamamoto, from two major schools, Kinko-Ryu and Tozan-Ryu.

    Standard Models:
      10-K16-5 -- Shorter length, 5 tone holes. Includes mouthpiece, cap & cloth bag

      10-K18-5 -- Standard length, 5 tone holes. Includes mouthpiece, cap & cloth bag

      10-K18-7 -- Standard length, 7 tone holes. Includes mouthpiece, cap & cloth bag


    Vessel flutes of South and Central American origin. Can be any shape: round, oblong, and animal shapes are popular. Traditionally made of clay, these haunting flutes can be found today also in wood, ceramic, and various types of plastic. Available in pentatonic, diatonic and chromatic versions.

    Sweet Potato Ocarina, red or blue plastic Alto in C
    Suitable for children. 7 fingerholes. -- $5.00 Quantity:

    Susato "Papageno" or "Nightingale" Ocarina
    The Nightingale is shield-shaped, the Papageno is rectangular. ABS plastic pendant mini ocarina with cord, 5 fingerholes, plays a full diatonic scale, one octave plus one note. Includes instructions, fingering chart. Black, brown, royal blue, red, burgundy, or orange.
      $6.80 Quantity:

    Blue Ceramic Ocarinas
    Glazed Clay, six finger holes, over 1 octave of tones, leather necklace included. Made in Pakistan.

    Blue Ceramic Ocarina in D, 3 x 1.5 inches: $14.90

    Blue Ceramic Ocarina in G, 4 x 3.5 inches: $18.90

    Traditional Round Clay Ocarinas from South America
    Fired in colorful native geometric designs. 8 fingerholes. -- $6.00 Our stock varies, so please contact us.