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Catalog > Wind Instruments > Novelties updated October 21, 2011
Owls Owls
These are a hoot! Handmade, beautifully carved out of solid wood, easy to hold. Blow on the top to make a realistic "who-who" sound. A wise choice for kids. Wood colors vary, please let us choose one for you.
Not all sizes may be in stock

Small (4 inches tall) -- $13.00
Medium (5 inches tall) -- $16.00
Large (6 inches tall) -- $19.00

The Kazoo Family: the instrument itself doesn't change the pitches; instead, the notes come from the player's own voice, amplified and altered by a thin membrane and the body of the kazoo, creating a buzzing sound. The original instrument in this family was a comb wrapped with a piece of wax paper.

Article: History of the Kazoo

Metal Kazoo -- One of the earliest of the novelty wind instruments. Colored enamel on brass or plain brass, traditional shape, screw-off top with replaceable membrane.
$3.50 Contact us for availability Quantity:
Plastic Kazoo -- various colors, standard shape. The inexpensive version of the traditional metal kazoo.
$1.00 Quantity:
Nose flute (Humanatone)
Plastic, made in the USA by Trophy, one size fits all. Press noseflute firmly against nose and mouth, with "wings" to either side of mouth, and noseflute directly under nose. Hold mouth well open. Blow only through nostrils and be sure that no air leaks from edges of noseflute. Change pitch by changing shape of mouth. Very silly fun! At this price, they make great gag gifts. Comes in different bright colors!
$1.00 Quantity:

Nose Flutes go international! Read here about Peter Bankson's "Faith @ Work" trips to Guatemala.

Slide whistle -- plastic, made by Circus Time. Fun for kids! $3.75 Quantity:
Train whistle, tritone, all wood. Makes realistic train sounds. Fun for kids.
$6.95 Quantity:
Tritone samba whistle by LP, high grade gold anodized aluminum
$25.50 Quantity: