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Catalog > Winds > Squeezeboxes > Accessories updated January 1, 2012

Accordion Amplification

Thinking about getting your accordion "stage ready" with an amplification system? Here are a couple of options. We work with a local accordion repair facility that can install either of these systems for a $75.00 installation charge. Contact us if you would like to ship us your accordion for a pickup installation. Or you can purchase one of these systems if you are prepared to install it yourself or have a local shop that can do it for you.

Unfortunately, our supplier does not provide installation instructions or diagrams with these pickups. Most customers have had success with self-installation despite the lack of instructions. HMT is not able to provide technical support on these, but we can put you in touch with our supplier who may be able to walk you through problems by phone or email. Please look at the photos below, which will give you an accurate depiction of what you will receive when you order the Sennheiser system.

Pickup Kits For Accordion

Sennheiser -- $460.00
Best-quality amplification for accordion, using the latest technology with Sennheiser transducer microphones (3 treble + 1 bass), with separate volume controls for each side. Eliminates common feedback problems, diminishes mechanical noise (using circuitry that reacts only to reed frequencies), and faithfully maintains accordion tone. Linear response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz assures uniform output throughout the full accordion range, signal to noise ratio only 58 dB.

More photos: photo 2 | photo 3 | wiring | other side | cables

Winner -- $400.00
Transducer amplification system using high-quality Italian-made microphones (3 treble + 1 bass) with separate controls for each side. Very similar to the Sennheiser system.
Other microphone configurations available for Sennheiser and Winner kits, including:
  • 3 treble + 1 bass
  • 3 treble only
  • 1 bass only
  • 2 treble + 1 bass (ideal for 50b accordions and smaller)

External treble-only kits also available (Sennheiser or Winner), no installation required.

Audio-Technica ATM350
clip-on cardioid condensor mic -- $249.00

Truly the "Swiss Army" of instrument mics -- recommended by store owner & professional sound engineer David Eisner -- this little mic offers a lower-cost option to amplify your accordion (and works on lots of other instruments too). On many accordions you might have to install an additional shoulder strap bracket to have some place to clip the mic on; but if you don't mind adding a couple small holes to your squeezebox, this is a great solution! This mic works especially well if you mainly want to amplify the treble side of your accordion. It will pick up some of the bass frequencies, but if you really want to amplify the bass size, you might consider getting two of these mics (or installing a pickup kit). This mic requires phantom power and plugs into an XLR input.