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Catalog > Winds > Squeezeboxes > Accessories November 24, 2015

Squeezebox Parts & Repair Supplies

  • Reed & Wax Supplies
  • Bellows Supplies | Bellows Straps
  • Treble Keyboard Supplies
  • Bass Supplies
  • Buttons
  • Miscellaneous & Decorative Supplies
  • Cases, Covers, and Case Parts
  • Straps -- shoulder straps, bass straps, strap mount hardware
  • PLEASE READ before ordering items on this page! Many of these repair parts and tools are in high demand and are difficult to keep in stock. They are imported items, and wait times can be several weeks for us to receive restock orders from our supplier (can be even longer during the summer months, when the Italian factories close for vacation). We will notify you if any of your items are backordered, and you can choose to have us ship the in-stock items immediately, or wait to ship everything together. You are welcome to contact us about availability before placing your order, if you wish. Credit card orders will not be charged until we ship.


    Squeezebox Repairs | Repair Tips
    Thinking of repairing that old accordion yourself? See Accordion Repairs Made Easy

    Reed & Wax Supplies

    Reed Wax 1/4 lb package #1139B -- $10.50
    This is the wax that holds the reedplates in place in the reed blocks. Pure beeswax is too brittle for use in accordions. This is a complex blend of natural beeswax with other compounds, specially formulated for accordions.

    Reed Wax Spoon #404 -- $25.20
    Spring steel, wood handle, approximately 14 inches long. Perfect for even flow of the melted wax along the reed block.

    Valve Waxing Spoon #405 -- $35.40
    9 inches long, wooden handle. Perfect design for adhering valves to keyboard rods.

    Reed Leather and Dot Assortment #1138
    278 pieces, all sizes -- $69.84
    Steel boosters for larger reeds available separately, see below.

    Steel booster wires #1140 package of 100 -- $16.80
    Assorted sizes, needed for larger reed leathers. Use with booster dots.

    Dots for booster wire application #1137
    package of 100 -- $8.40
    All one size, 1/4-inch diameter. For attaching booster wires to larger reed leathers.

    Bass Reed Leather Assortment #1134
    -- $55.50
    144 pieces: 6 dozen large, 6 dozen small

    Reed Leather for Large Bass Reeds #1132S $0.50 per square inch Quantity:
    This leather is 1-2mm in thickness (too thick for treble reeds). Comes in larger sheets that you can cut yourself. Available by special order; expect a few weeks wait.

    Treble Reed Leathers, individual sizes

    Package of 25 -- $8.76
    (Need a lot of reed leathers? Try the assortment package listed below)

    Treble Reed Leather Assortment #1136
    -- $49.50
    This item is in high demand and is sometimes difficult for us (as well as our supplier) to keep in stock. Feel free to contact us to check availability before ordering.
    144 pieces in 5 sizes. 3 dozen each of sizes A (44mm x 7.5mm) and B (41mm x 7mm), 2 dozen each of sizes C (34mm x 6mm), D (27mm x 6 mm) and E (24mm x 6mm)

    Reed Leather Adhesive
    -- $8.40
    Jar of specially formulated glue for affixing reed valve to reed plate. Works for both leather and plastic valves.

    Reed tuning toolkit #1116S, 5 pieces
    -- $74.40
    2 reed scratchers, spring steel plucker, 2 inside tongue lifters.

    Reed scratcher #1116A
    Available as part of complete reed tuning toolkit. May be special ordered separately. (contact us)

    Reed plucker #1116B, spring steel
    Available as part of complete reed tuning toolkit. May be special ordered separately. (contact us)

    Reed lifter #1116C
    Available as part of complete reed tuning toolkit. May be special ordered separately. (contact us)

    Bass Supplies

    Piano Accordion Bass Buttons

    Bass plate feet, bass strap adjuster kit and strap attaching hardware - see Miscellaneous Supplies

    Bass valve springs #340, 1 dozen $7.20 Quantity:

    Bass button adjusting tool #320 -- $14.40
    The perfect tool for straightening crooked bass buttons. Fits over end of button; bend to desired position. An essential part of every accordionist's tool kit. Such a small simple thing, but when you need one, you really need one; nothing else will do.

    Bass machine bending tool #1115 -- $21.00
    9-1/4 inches long, plastic handle, made in England by Stanley

    Treble Keyboard Supplies

    Felt padding #1199 approximately 1/2-inch wide in 2-foot lengths -- $5.70
    Apply a long strip with adhesive underneath the lip of the treble keys to quiet them and provide cushioning to the action. Adhesive not included.

    Springs for piano accordion treble keys #328
    $12.00 for 1 dozen

    Please note: these are the lever type bent springs, not the cheap coil type springs.

    Key rod setting tool #1114 -- $30.00
    • For adjusting the treble keyboard action; correct the height of your keys without damaging the rods
    • an essential tool for every accordion owner, not just repair shops
    • notched at both ends (2 different sizes)


    Piano Accordion Bass Buttons
    Can also be used as treble buttons for some concertinas. Comes in large (5/16-inch diameter, 5/8 inches long) & small (1/8-inch diameter, 1/2 inches long) sizes, in black & white.

    $9.60 for 1 dozen (12)

    Bellows Supplies

    Pliers #403 to pull bellows pins, non-marring
    • an essential tool for every accordion owner, not just repair shops
    • specially designed to grip bellows pins securely
    • comfortable cushioned grip
    • pull straight out to remove pins without damaging your accordion's finish

    Bellows Gasket Foam #1125W, wide poly foam, white or black, strip-away paper covers adhesive on one side. Also available in narrow. Our most popular replacement part - if your accordion is more than about 15 years old, chances are good it could use new gaskets. Made of special high-compression foam, works a lot better and lasts much longer than weatherstripping. Wide gasket foam is priced $5.00 per yard, sold by the yard, cut to order. Avoid delays and select "no color preference". We will send your order all in one color of whichever we have available, black or white. When narrow width is not available, you can cut this foam in half lengthwise to make narrow strips 1/2 the width.
    $6.00 How many yards:
    Specify color:
    Bellows Gasket Foam #1125N, narrow poly foam, white or black, strip-away paper covers adhesive on one side. Price $3.00 per yard, sold by the yard, cut to order. Avoid delays and select "no color preference". We will send your order all in one color of whichever we have available, black or white. When narrow foam is not available, order wide foam, which you can cut in half lengthwise to make narrow strips.
    $4.00 How many yards:
    Specify color:

    Backpad (Bellows Protector) #526
    Nylon covered foam padding, in black only, 6 different sizes. Includes snap buttons and screws for easy installation. For 18 or 19 inch keyboard, add $3.00, for 20 inch extended keyboard, add $5.00. Measurements shown are approximate, in inches.
    $48.00 Specify size:

    Bellows Tape #326, 3/4 inch wide -- 50-yard roll, non-adhesive, plain in black or white, ribbed in black, white, or red. Ribbed metallic in silver or gold, add $6.00 $30.00

    Specify color:

    How to Apply Bellows Tape

    Bellows Tape #326W, 1-inch wide (covers old tape) 50-yard roll, non-adhesive, plain or ribbed black, white or red ribbed. For silver or gold ribbed, add $3.00 $45.00
      Specify color:

    Bellows Pin Assortment #1155: contains 72 pins -- Assortment of sizes with different shank length, diameter, and head style. $25.92 Quantity:

    Bellows Corner Assortment #1156: contains 72 corners in different sizes and shapes, silver color only -- $21.60 Quantity:

    Part 3460 Leather Bellows Diamonds

    For inside bellows corners. Bag of 100 pieces. White is standard; also available in black.
    Specify color:

    Bellows Straps or Clips

    • "Center to center" -- measurement from center of one snap to opposite snap or grommet
    • Always store and carry accordion with both bellows clips fastened
    • Bellows clips keep dust out of the bellows folds
    • They protect accordion from damage and avoid warping from excess humidity

    Bellows Straps #1171, pair all-metal heavy duty wire style (not mesh). 3 and 3/8 inches, center to center

    Bellows Straps #801, pair black single ply leather, deluxe, nice swirly pattern, approximately 5 and 1/2 inches long, 5/8 inch wide (straight). Grommet at one end, attaching end is plain for optional swivel hole position. Typically used for button accordion or concertina but can also be installed on smaller piano accordions.
    $12.00 Quantity:

    Bellows Straps #804, pair black leather, deluxe, heavy duty chrome plated hardware, attaches with 1 screw at swivel hole, 4 and 1/4 inches center to center with 1 decorative lengthwise cut, all hardware included.
    $21.00 Quantity:

    Bellows Straps #800 or #800L pair black leather, deluxe double ply heavy duty chrome plated hardware, attaches with 3 screws through extension at swivel end.
    #800: 3 inches center to center, with all hardware except screws -- $21.60
    #800L: 3 and 3/8 inches center to center, includes all hardware except screws -- $21.60
    Specify size: Quantity:

    Miscellaneous Supplies

    Shoulder strap brackets

    Bass strap adjuster kit #344 (4-piece kit) -- $18.00
    Click on photo to see larger image. Clamp plate and T-bolt for bass strap, wheel and interior plate for accordion.

    Bass Strap Terminal Holder Part #1182 -- $4.50
    For end of strap opposite adjusting end. Does not include rivets (purchase separately below).
    Rivets, bag of 12, Part #351 -- $4.20
    For use with Bass Strap Terminal Holder sold above

    Snap Fastener Assortment #1201D, 72 pieces -- $16.80
    buttons, sockets, and studs for attaching backpads, bellows clips, etc.

    Shield for metal snap fastener #1154 -- $1.20
    Installed underneath bellows clip snaps, protects accordion surface from scratching. All of the best-dressed accordions are wearing these.

    Screws for accordion #331
    Bag of 50 or 100, varied sizes. Add $4.80 for larger bag.
    Specify size: $7.20 Quantity:

    Grille thumbscrews, dozen, part #330 -- $19.20
    Some accordions have easier access to the treble valves under the grille via a thumbscrew instead of traditional screws. (No screwdriver needed). Two sizes in assortment: Approx. 3/8" diameter, 1/2 inch long; and 5/16" diameter, slightly longer. Not sold individually.

    Feet for bass plate #1206, round -- $9.60 Quantity of sets:
    1-inch diameter, hard black plastic, set of 4. These are the most common feet for accordions. Screws not included.

    Feet for bass plate #1207, rectangular -- $12.00 Quantity of sets:
    2-1/4 inch x 5/8 inch oblong, hard black plastic, sold as a set of 4. Screws not included.

    Metal corner #353 to protect wood accordions, each -- $4.80 Quantity:

    Rhinestones #350, 1/8-inch diameter, bag of one dozen -- $18.00 Quantity:

    Accordion Repair Kit #716 collection of replacement parts and tools -- $210.00
    100 assorted screws, 12 keyboard springs, 6 keyboard rod protectors, 1 keyboard rod setter, 12 assorted reeds, 144 assorted reed leathers, 12 bellows pins, 12 bellows corners.