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Used Piano Accordions

  • Smaller Accordions -- fewer than 120 basses
  • 120-Bass accordions
  • Rental accordions
  • Auctions
  • Accordions that have sold
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our stock changes frequently and we do not update this page every day. If you are interested in a specific accordion, please contact us for availability before you visit. All used accordions are sold "as is."

    If you fall in love with an accordion you see here, and you live too far away to visit us, shipping is at your own risk, and there are no returns.

    Accordions with fewer than 120 bass buttons are good for smaller folks, students, travellers, and players with back problems. (12-bass accordions are recommended for children 10 years old and younger.) 48 basses and up are recommended for most folk music.

    How much is my accordion worth?

    Smaller Accordions: Fewer than 120 Basses

    Hohner Student IVM 32-bass -- $495.00
    Black, MM, 10 pounds, 12.5-inch keyboard, hard case included.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    Frontalini 60-bass -- $699.00
    Red Pearl, LMM (wet musette), 17 pounds, 15.25-inch keyboard. Minor repairs completed in our shop.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    120-Bass Accordions

    Excelsiola 120-bass -- $949.00
    Black, LMH, 21.5 pounds, 17.5-inch keyboard, palm master switch, hard case included.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    Lira 120-bass -- $150.00
    Black, LMH, 20 pounds, 17-inch keyboard. Playable with no major problems, but sold AS-IS. Not checked by our repair shop. There is a small bellows leak, bass buttons are a bit sticky, instrument needs cleaning. No case included.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    Piatenesi 120-bass -- $220.00
    Black, LMMH (light musette), 23.5 pounds, 19.25-inch keyboard. Sold AS-IS - playable, but has some tuning issue and register switches are sticky. Hard case included.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    Invicta 120-bass -- $599.00
    Made in Italy, black, LMM (dry-tuned), 17.75-inch keyboard, pearloid keys, palm master switch, 21.5 pounds, backpad. Hard case and straps included. Slight amount of bellows leakage, but plays fine otherwise. Sold as-is.
    photos: front | bellows & buttons | registers | back

    Castiglione 120-bass -- $800.00
    Black, LM, 18-inch keyboard, hard case and straps included.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    Stradivari Deluxe Spinet 120-bass -- $799.00
    White pearl, LMH, 17-inch keyboard with waterfall keys, 18.5 pounds. Minor repairs done in our shop -- excellent condition. With hard case and straps.
    Click on photo for a closer look

    Serenada 120-bass -- REDUCED to $1,500.00
    Black, 19.25-inch keyboard, 24.75 pounds. LMMM (light musette) with 9 treble switches & 3 bass switches. Repaired in our shop: treble keyboard alignment, general cleaning, light wax refurbishing, miscellaneous reed/leather adjustments, extensive bellows cleaning. (Bellows are now a tad stiff/noisy, but will loosen up as they are played in.) Hard case in good condition and useable unpadded straps included. We would recommend more padded straps for this heavier accordion. Receive a 15% discount off new straps with purchase of this accordion.

    photos: front | closeup | register buttons | back | bellows (extended)

    Carelli 120-bass -- $1,149.99
    Italian-made 120-bass accordion, black with pearloid keys. 22.5 lbs, 18.75-inch keyboard. 7 treble switches, LMH treble reeds, 3 bass switches. Nice condition. Hard case included.
    photos: front | keyboard

    Auctions on "As-Is" Accordions

      We frequently come across accordions that need a significant amount of repairs. Sometimes, neither the previous owner nor HMT is interested in investing in the repair costs, but the instrument may still be of interest to a collector or someone who does their own repairs. In these cases, we'll auction the instrument in our eBay store with a low start bid, and provide the best description we can about the accordion's condition, including an estimate from our repair shop.

      Our eBay store

    Rental Accordions

      Chinese 3-row GCF (rental nickname "Ying")
      Made in China circa 1998. Red pearl, 31/12, 2/4 reeds, 0/0 registers, MM tuning. 12 pounds. This is your standard student model diatonic button accordion, as played in Tex Mex and Conjunto music. Wet tuned. Includes case and straps.
      $350.00 security deposit -- contact us

      Chinese 34/48 (rental nickname "Wendell")
      Made in China in the 1990s. LMM tuning. Red pearl, 17 pounds, 16-inch keyboard. 34 keys, 48 basses, 3/4 reeds, 5/0 registers. Includes case and straps.
      $200.00 security deposit -- contact us

      Stradivari Midget 120-bass (rental nickname "Midget")
      Italian-made Stradivari 120-bass Midget, 3/4 LMM reeds, white pearl finish. Smaller size and lighter weight than some of our other rentals. Click on photo for a closer look.
      $200.00 security deposit -- contact us

      Cantarini 96-bass (rental nickname "Rini")
      Made in Italy in the 1960s. Cantarini accordion from the Golden Age. LMM tuning. 17 pounds, 16.25-inch keyboard. Black gloss finish, metal grille, black bellows, waterfall keys. 41 keys, 96 basses, 3/4 reeds, 4/1 registers.
      Minor cosmetic wear consistent with age. Very good playing condition, everything functional; has a very soft and sweet musette. Includes plushlined case and like-new straps.
      $600.00 security deposit -- contact us

      Lemar 120-bass (rental nickname "Lemar")
      Italian-made Lemar 120-bass, 2/4 LM reeds, 3/2 registers. White pearl.
      $400.00 security deposit -- contact us

      DaVinci LM 120-bass (rental nickname "DaVinci")
      Italian-made DaVinci 120-bass, 2/4 LM reeds. Copper color with red buttons. Click on photo for a closer look.
      $350.00 security deposit -- contact us