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Squeezebox Information > Old Squeezeboxes updated June 9, 2009
Tips on Fixing up an Old Squeezebox

Tips for selling your accordion on eBay or elsewhere. Read this BEFORE you list or photograph your accordion for sale!
There are a number of things you can easily do to improve the appearance, condition and marketability of your accordion prior to selling it, for a modest investment in money, time and effort! Mostly it is just elbow grease, and anybody can do it!

  • Your accordion will photograph and display better!

  • Sell faster!

  • Get more bids!

  • Higher final price!

  • Increased customer satisfaction!

  • Reduce complaints and negative feedback!

  • The most important thing for you to know if you are selling on eBay is How to Ship an Accordion Properly.

    Here are some easy improvements you can do yourself, no knowledge of accordion repair necessary:
  • ALWAYS include a carrying case. It will protect the accordion during shipment, and is a selling point that will get you a better price. Used ones can be had cheaply, for under $50, either by bidding on a cheap "junker" eBay accordion that has a usable case, or you can buy one from us. We always have used accordion cases on hand.

  • You can vastly improve the look of the carrying case:
  • clean it with Murphy's Oil Soap and water
  • remove masking tape and labels with Goo Gone
  • rinse and dry
  • clean and vacuum the interior. Use masking tape to "catch" debris not picked up by vacuum.
  • if there is a musty smell, spray with Lysol and leave case open in full sun to air out (remove accordion first!)
  • repair torn blanket and velvet lining
  • repair torn corners and holes with black duct tape
  • remove rust from hardware with fine sandpaper and'/or steel wool
  • fill in scuff marks with shoe or leather dye
  • shine exterior with shoe polish of a matching color.
  • Buff to a high gloss and it will display and photograph very nicely!

  • Other things you can do to improve your accordion:
  • Replace any missing hardware! Small screws not available at hardware stores can be purchased from our repair parts page, where you can also find strap hardware, grille thumbscrews, bass feet, bellows pins, bellows corners, and other miscellaneous hardware.
  • Clean it! Remove the shoulder straps first. Put on a dust mask and brush the lint out of the bellows folds with a stiff paintbrush. If the shoulder straps are falling apart to the point where the leather is crumbling, "../catalog/winds/sbx/sbx-strap.html">replace the straps.
  • All non-fabric parts of your accordion can safely be cleaned with a very light application of Dr. Duck's AxWax or a mild solution of Murphy's Oil Soap and water, but Dr. Duck's works better. Goo Gone will take care of stubborn gummy label residue.
  • For metal stains, use a paste of Bon Ami cleanser with a little water. It will not scratch the metal. If corrosion is heavy, follow with light sandpaper or steel wool (be careful not to scratch wood and plastic parts).
  • For discoloration and marks on plastic parts including the keyboard, use a paste of baking soda with a little water, or white toothpaste (non-gel type). Both are very mild abrasives and will not damage the plastic. For stubborn stains, use a light paste of Bon Ami -- careful, it can dull the finish on celluloid and plastic. Wipe off residue with soft cloth, dry, and polish to a shine with Dr. Duck's AxWax. Be very careful with the keyboard, not to let cleaning solution drip between or behind the keys.
  • The treble grille (that's the part above the keyboard) can be removed for heavy-duty cleaning, and you can vacuum out the debris underneath. Just remove the screws that hold it on. If it is all metal, and the metal is very corroded, you can clean and scrape off the corrosion, sand smooth, polish and buff with a rotary drill attachment, and spray paint with metallic paint ( primer is a good idea). Be sure to wear goggles and respiratory protection.
  • If the grillecloth is stained, torn, or coming loose, it is easily replaced. Instructions at the Home for Wayward Accordions
  • We have repair parts! Everything you need to do-it-yourself is here:
    bellows tape, grillecloth, rhinestones, tools, and supplies, hardware, backpads, straps, cases.

  • We might be able to repair your accordion!

  • We have lots more accordion information, if you just want to learn more!